Redlands RV & Truck Performance Center

Redlands RV & Truck Performance Center

Redlands RV & Truck Performance Center

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Redlands Truck Service replace my MCD windshield shade under warranty.  They did an excellent job while I waited.  Every employee I came in contact with during the short time I was there was very courteous and professional.  The shop is extremely clean and well run.

Jerry R.

Best alignment I ever had. They worked and worked till they had it PERFECT.. The coach used to pull real hard to the right, last alignment shop
checked it and said it was within specs but right caster was set lower than left (but within specs) so it pulled right. They took one look at the last
spec sheet and asked if it pulled right without driving it first. They know what they are doing.

D. Hinds

I just wanted to let you all know that I am very pleased with the performance of my Trek after you upgraded the suspension. I got the full test run during my 225 mile ride home up the grade on I-17 between Phoenix and Sedona. Lot’s of wind, swirly canyon wind, and plenty of semi trucks. What should have been a bit of a challenging drive was easy. The vehicle tracks straight and sway is significantly reduced, particularly in gusts. We are very pleased we made the upgrade, and very happy with the service we got from your team.

Pete H.

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