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Annual Services

Redlands Truck and RV is dedicated to your safe convenient travels. Not only do we want to help you get there on time and in good shape but we want your trip home to be as safe and trouble free as possible. When you count on us for service we will inspect your coach and update you on any areas of immediate and future concern.

Count on one of our knowledgeable service advisers to keep you informed and your RV up to date with all the latest in engine, chassis and safety upgrades. Ask one of them today how you can instantly improve your ride and fuel economy.

Take a look at the extensive inspection we will perform as a shop courtesy at your request. There are over 80 items that our customers have placed on this list with each one designed to make your trips more enjoyable. Read More…

RV Engine and Performance Upgrades

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle and we have what it wants to make sure that it’s performing to the best of it’s ability. From a performance upgrade to a Check Engine light diagnostic we’ve got a solution for you. Almost all engines and transmissions today can be upgraded for additional pulling power. The sophisticated systems of today allow you to upgrade a program or add a module that provide you with safe and significant power that puts you in the drivers seat when pulling a grade or passing that slow vehicle. Read More…

RV Chassis, Handling & Safety Upgrades

Did you know that shock absorbers play a significant role in coach braking? Amazing isn’t it that a an old shock can affect how well we stop. This is the approach our team of experts has taken when it comes to dealing with your safety and comfort. We treat your chassis as a system, we feel it’s just as important as your cooling system, charging system and electrical system. With this unique approach you will find that you can drive your coach further with greater confidence and ease. Read More…

RV Brake and Tow Packages

Brakes on your tow car are part of our approach to worry free RVing. In the past brakes came in all forms with claims to match. Today it’s come down to 2 choices. SMI Duo for the coach with hydraulic Brakes and SMI AFO and M&G for coaches with Air Brakes. Don’t make a decision to put brakes on your tow car because you might think it’s the law, do it to protect your family and others on the road. One important feature of both the M&G and SMI brakes are the emergency system that applies brakes on the tow car in case of a unscheduled disconnect. This feature is designed to keep the car upright and out of apposing traffic. In addition this feature will reduce the chances of the tow car slapping the back of the coach and preventing fiberglass and paint repairs to both the car and coach. Read More…

Commercial Truck Services

Redlands Truck Service provides your business with a complete solution for your transportation needs. Whether it’s equipment used on the job site or a bus to transport clients, we have what it takes to keep you up and running. Read More…

Tech notes and Troubleshooting ideas

Get valuable information on alignment, blink code diagnostics and check engine light issues. Read More…
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Events and Rallies

Here you can see what events and rallies we have coming up. Make sure to mark your calendar so that you can come out and see us at these events. Click the read more button to see all of the upcoming events.

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Home Testimonials

Pete Heisinger
I just wanted to let you all know that I am very pleased with the performance of my Trek after you upgraded the suspension. I got the full test run during my 225 mile ride home up the grade on I-17 between Phoenix and Sedona. Lot’s of wind, swirly canyon wind, and plenty of semi trucks. What should have been a bit of a challenging drive was easy. The vehicle tracks straight and sway is significantly reduced, particularly in gusts. We are very pleased we made the upgrade, and very happy with the service we got from your team.
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Allow us to present several tutorials for your own learning experience and knowledge. We will strive to put up new tutorials as we come across items that we feel will benefit you.

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